Welcome to the new EARS Shop!

♥ We are only just getting started, so there are a few things to mention.

♥ Please read the instructions for each fundraiser carefully!

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Click the link below to shop our *NEW* collection of animal rescue apparel! Treat yourself or find the perfect gift for a fellow animal lover ♥


A huge thanks to the following contributors who helped make this possible: Fineline Stationary Ltd, Diana’s Pets-Edson Hobbyland, The Boot Shop Saddlery & Western Wear, and Lucky Mart.


February 23rd is World Spay Day!

Each year, we spend spend thousands of dollars to spay/neuter our dogs and cats before they are placed up for adoption. Spay It Forward today by donating the average cost of a spay/neuter procedure. With your help, together we can help reduce the pet overpopulation and help more animals in need.

For our Spay It Forward fundraiser, you can use the EARS Shop to sponsor a dog or cat spay/neuter for an animal currently in our care OR for a future animal we will inevitably rescue and need to fix. The Shop provides us with a way to showcase the animals requiring veterinary care while tracking donations made towards their care.

For additional instructions, click on the animal or procedure you’d like to sponsor.


1. Our little shop does not currently accept online methods of payment. The only option at check-out is ‘Pay with cash upon delivery’.

2. The billing details you are required to enter at check-out will enable us to get in touch with you, if need be, regarding payment and pick-up.

3. After you submit your order, please pay for your purchase via email money transfer (EMT). EMTs must be sent to earsbankinginfo@gmail.com. Use the password ice melt.

4. After your EMT has been accepted by EARS, print the EMT email confirmation as your proof of purchase. You will not be able to pick up your item without it!

5. Click on the product to find the pick-up location.