Barn Buddies

The Barn Buddy Program

Barn Buddies are often rescued from rural communities, as strays from the pound, or after being surrendered by owners. These are cats that are not happy living in homes as companion pets, but would make wonderful barn cats or shop cats. Barn Buddies are *free* to adopt, which is our way of find homes for cats that have traditionally been deemed ‘un-adoptable’. All cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and tattooed/micro-chipped prior to placement. An adoption application is still required.

Program Requirements

–We do not place cats that are best suited to be house pets and we don’t place kittens under age four months as barn cats, unless they are feral/semi-feral.

–A secure, dry barn or building for shelter with heat source is required.

–The commitment and ability to keep the cats confined to a stall, small room, or crate for two to four weeks (depends on the cats and the barn) to acclimate them to their new environment before release.

–As a non-profit organization, we appreciate a donation to cover the cost of the spay or neuter surgery, vaccinations and tattoo.

Barn Buddies Available for Adoption!