EARS is a registered charity. When you donate through ATBcares, you will immediately receive a tax receipt. They will also match 15% of your donation, and ATBcares will pay 100% of the transaction and administration fees. This means every cent of your donation goes directly to us!

Click here to donate through ATB Cares!

We will accept most pet-related items such as food, litter, crates, toys, leashes, etc. We also accept Canadian Tire money!

Other donations that we can use to raise money are things such as:
— Bottles
— Items to sell at the Farmer’s Market, Sidewalk Jamboree, Christmas Craft Fair(s) and more
— Items to auction off in our online auctions

What we are currently in need of:
— Puppy Food
— Adult Large Breed Dog Food**
— Cat Litter
— Chain-link fence panels

** To give our animals the best care possible, we politely request Kirkland or PC Nutrition First as healthy and more affordable dog food brands. Unfortunately, we’ve found that Ol’Roy in particular does not store well and is not a good option for us.

Donation & Bottle Drop-Off Locations:
— Raven Truck Accessories (Donations & Bottles)
— Fineline Stationery, 408 50 St (Donations)
— Edson Leader, 4820 3 Ave (Donations)