What Can I Donate?

EARS is a registered charity. When you donate through ATBcares, you will immediately receive a tax receipt. They will also match 15% of your donation, and ATBcares will pay 100% of the transaction and administration fees. This means every cent of your donation goes directly to us! Click below to see our ATBcares link.


We will accept most pet-related items such as food, litter, crates, toys, leashes, etc. We also accept Canadian Tire money!

Other donations that we can use to raise money are things such as:

  • Bottles
  • Items to sell at the Farmer’s Market, Sidewalk Jamboree, Christmas Craft Fair(s) and more
  • Items to auction off in our online auctions


Donation & Bottle Drop-Off Locations

  • Fineline Stationery, 408 50 St (Donations)
  • Edson Leader, 4820 3 Ave (Donations)
  • Century 21, 5016 4 Ave (Donations)
  • 4920 – 9 Ave (Donations)
  • 85 Sunset Trailer Park (Bottles)