Name: Bolt
Gender: spayed female
Age: 4 months
Breed: Domestic short hair (DSH)

Cat friendly: yes
Dog friendly: yes
Kid friendly: yes

Bolt is like a light switch! She is either on and full of energy or off and napping. She definitely lives up to her name — she’s go go go and wants all of your attention until she’s drop dead tired and ready to nap!

Kiss is great with all the cats and the big dogs in the house and she will bolt across the house when she hears the can of wet food open! She is fun to watch and very fun to play with. Hopefully a heartwarming furever home that wants to play this little princess awaits her.

Unfortunately, Bolt has suspected FVR virus.

Her adoption fee is reduced to $100.

* FVR (feline viral rhinopneumonitis) is an upper respiratory infection of the nose and throat that is contagious to other cats. FVR is a lifelong condition but often symptom free. “Flare ups” are typically associated with stress and can be treated with antiviral medications and lysine treats to help ease the symptoms. Kittens and cats with FVR are best suited to a cat-free and low-stress home. Therefore, it is recommended that Bolt be the only cat in her adoptive home.

* Due to a suspected FVR flare up and after a failed spay surgery, Bolt fell behind on her vaccination schedule. We are putting Bolt under our Foster to Adopt program until her vaccinations and spay can be completed.