Name: Tova
Gender: spayed female
Age: 7 months
Breed: GSD mix
Energy Level: medium (puppy)

Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: No, will chase
Good with kids: Older kids yes (due to size)

Foster Location: Jasper

Bio: Tova is very sweet! All she wants to do is be with you/her foster family! She always has her tail wagging when she sees you and is quick to give you a paw to say hello. Here are some more things about Tova:

* House-trained. Will sit by or paw at the baby gate (which leads to downstairs/the backyard) to let you know she has to go outside.

* Kennel trained. Knows her routine (sleeps in it at night and goes in during the during the day/when no one is home to supervise her).

* Loves to play with her foster sister (golden retriever); not bothered by her grouchy older foster brother (golden retriever) who grumbles at her when she gets too boisterous.

* Loves to have a good play/rough house but once she’s done is very happy to cuddle on the couch and be with her people or chew a toy

* Excellent traveller in the car; hardly hear a peep out of her (will curl up and fall asleep on longer drives).

* Fairly good on a leash but still needs some work. Tova can still be a bit skittish of things (kids playing loudly, meeting other dogs on leash, new people) especially when walked by herself/no other canine companions.

* Loves her off leash hikes with her foster siblings. Tova is very good at staying with her pack.

* She will sometimes woof if she sees or hears anything outside that is unfamiliar.

* She has no issues being handled. Tova happily allows her foster mom to cut her nails and brush her.

Tova needs work with the following:

* Cats… Tova definitely wants to play with them – not aggressive, but will chase if they run.

* Dogs… Needs to work on how she says hello. Tova can be a bit loud but just in excitement/anxiousness, she’s good once introduced. She would probably benefit from having another dog in the house for company/ to play with.

* Tova loves to have a good chew. She is fairly good at not being destructive with household items/furniture… but every now and then needs to be re-directed to appropriate items/toys.

* Tova knows “sit” and “paw” and is working on “down” and “off” (when she jumps up to greet people) with her foster family. She knows to sit/wait for her meals and sit/wait at the door (when exiting or leaving the house for walks). She’s a smart girl!