Stevie Nicks

Name: Stevie Nicks 
Sex: spayed female 
Age: 7-8 months 
Breed: mixed 
Energy level: medium 
Good with dogs: yes 
Good with cats: yes 
Good with kids: yes 
 Foster location: Whitecourt 

Stevie came into our care, as starving and dehydrated 4 – 5 month old puppy. She has come leaps and bounds from that frightened, hungry puppy to an adolescent who loves to play and run around, doing zoomies and laps in the backyard and then following that up with a good long afternoon nap! 
Stevie has been a shy and timid pup around people and dogs, but with the encouragement of her foster home, her confidence is growing and getting so much better every day! 
She has even started going to doggy day care and she LOVES it! 
She is learning to like car rides and she is pretty good at walking on leash too! 
Although she is still outgrowing some naughty puppy habits, she is now and will continue to be a great dog overall.