Name: Sable
Gender: spayed female
Age: 5 months
Breed: Mastiff/GSD mix
Energy Level: medium (puppy)

Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Most
Good with kids: Yes
Foster Location: Edson

Bio: Sable has come from living outside on a farm without getting much attention, to living in a loving foster home. She can get quite scared of situations she has never been in but adjusts very quickly.

Sable is an indoor / outdoor pup now, but she does still love being outside. She loves to play with her foster dogs (Pitbull and a Great Pyrenees). She tries to play with the cats but isn’t pushy with them at all. She can still be nervous in the car but will climb in and settle down.

For a pup who has only ever lived outside, Sable is doing amazing at house training, no accidents for over a week now! Sable is a super sweet, calm pup that doesn’t like to be alone at all, at night she sleeps in her fosters bedroom on the floor in her own bed…just lays down and goes sleep until they get up to let her out. Sable is a great snuggler who will make that special someone a great companion.

At 5 months old, Sable is already close to 50lbs so she is going to be a large dog when fully grown.