Little Girl – AKA- Herra

Name: Little Girl
Gender: Female
Age: Senior
Breed: Corgi type mix

Energy Level: Low

Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Unknown
Good with kids: No

Foster Location: Yellowhead County

Bio: Little Girl is a little bit sassy, a little bit spicy and full of entertaining antics. She loves playing with her toys when no one is there to watch her. Little Girl originally came from a horrible hoarding situation and along with Gatsby, made her way into EARS care via another rescue group, quite some time ago.

Little Girl is semi-feral. *A semi-feral animal lives predominantly in a feral state but has some contact and experience with humans. Little Girl has not progressed to taking treats from a hand yet, but she will take them if you gently toss them to her.

Little Girl would do well in two types of homes …. A quiet home with an experienced, patient,person, who has plenty of time to spend on desensitizing, counter conditioning and habituating her to living with humans and all that entails. For instance, have a set schedule for hand-feeding her meals, sitting with her to toss treats, and eventually giving her walks, handling and petting her.

Allow her to approach people on her own, rather than forcing her to tolerate someone. OR A sanctuary type home, with a large securely fenced yard and a heated space for Little Girl to warm her aging bones and live out her senior years in peace. Either way Little Girl would thrive with a routine; structure helps a dog feel more comfortable. She may also do well with a canine house or yard mate

Little Girl is available as a long term foster or for adoption by donation.