~ Available for Foster-To-Adopt ~

Name: Ella
Gender: female
Age: 16 weeks
Breed: mixed

Energy Level: high

Good with dogs: yes
Good with cats: yes
Good with kids: 8 years and up

Foster Location: Edson

Bio: Hi everybody, I am Ella. I LOVE to play! I love to play tug, I love to play chase, I love to wrestle with other dogs, I could play all day! When I don’t have someone to play with, I will entertain myself with some good old fashioned hot laps or I will play all by myself with my toys.

I am really good off leash and love to go on runs with the other dogs in my home. For me to be a happy and successful puppers I will need very consistent and regular exercise. I have ALL the energy.

My foster Mom says I’m super smart… like crazy smart. I learn tricks SO FAST!! Almost as fast as my fastest hot lap. I live for tricks and I love to learn. My mom uses hot dogs and I am 1000% motivated.

I do lack confidence and I need some help getting socialized. It’s a little hard for me to meet new people and get out there. My foster moms gives strangers hot dogs to give me… I love hot dogs!

I am here for cats… I am all about pestering them. I have learned (the hard way) to have a healthy respect for them. It would be best if the cats in my new home weren’t runners because a good chase would be hard for me to turn down.

I love the kids in my foster home too. They are a bit older and have healthy boundaries and respect for animals so I am enamored with them. I would rather have older kids to play with as younger kids are a bit scary for me.

I also love dogs but I will need proper introductions as I can be insecure. A well balanced companion would be everything to me. I am good in the car too… road trip anyone?

My Mom feeds me in my kennel. I had to compete very hard for food when I was new to the world so I am very insecure eating around other animals. It’s best I have have my own safe place to eat where I don’t feel like I have to compete or defend my meal. I am fine eating around people and they can take my food from me. I also take treats nice and can be treated around other dogs with no issue.

My ideal home would be dog savvy, and only use positive training methods. I had an pretty uncertain introduction to the world and came into my foster home very insecure and scared. I have come a long way but I need someone who has the time, patience and love to see me through all of my quirks. I have an extremely high play drive so someone who wanted to do agility, search and rescue, fly ball or anything else that requires me to use some of my extreme intelligence and energy is going to be key for me to love my best life. I am for the high energy go getter who wants a dashing companion. I may take a bit of time to warm up to you but once I do I can promise you I give the sweetest little kisses and the best cuddles… I mean I have a hectic schedule but I can always find a bit of time for a struggle cuddle in between activities. If you think you could use a bestie like me in your life, fill out your application today… but hurry up we have things to do.. lots of things… all the things.