Name: Boudy AKA Bouttica
Gender: female
Age: 3-6 Years
Breed: Mastiff

Energy Level: Medium-Low

Good with dogs: Selective
Good with cats: Yes
Good with kids: Yes

Foster Location: Mayerthorpe

Bio: If you are looking for a 110lb lap dog, Bouttica is the girl for you! Bouttica is a very sweet and loving girl who just wants to be with her people. She will follow you from room to room, and make herself comfortable wherever you are. If it was up to her, that would be on your lap or laying next to you in your bed. She will settle for a cozy spot next to your feet or if you insist she will grudgingly lay on her own dog bed.

She is currently living with children aged 6 & 3. And is very respectful with them. She is careful not to knock them over or step on them. Bouttica is great with kids but it’s important for her to be with children that understand boundaries with her and not to play rough or hit her. Bouttica is fairly inactive indoors and content with a daily walk or play outside (With the exception of the occasional zoomies) She is a smart girl who knows how to sit, lay down, responds to “back” very well, and her recall is okay. She’s currently is living on an acreage and hasn’t wandered far from the house as she wants to be with her family more than anything else.

Boudy would prefer to be the only dog in the home but has been good with the cats at her foster home. She likes to sniff them. And would like them to play with her, but otherwise she’s indifferent to them.