Name: Bandit
Gender: neutered male
Age: approx. 3 years
Breed: mixed

Energy Level: medium
Good with dogs: females for sure
Good with cats: will chase cats
Good with kids: over 6 years

Bio: Bandit is quite the character and can be a little spitfire. He is not your typical, snuggly little lap dog. Does he like to snuggle? Absolutely! He is a great snuggler and he loves to be near his people! But! He also LOVES to play…and play hard! He will play fetch and tug-o-war for hours and he will wrestle and play tag with his 60lb foster sister until he tuckers her out and she says no more!

Bandit is smart as a whip and stubborn as a bull. He loves food and is not above a little thievery to get it when your back is turned.

Although he is a happy and friendly little guy who is eager to greet visitors at the door, he will also bark at passerby’s if given a chance.

If not given an outlet for his energy, Bandit tends to get a little mischievous and he will chew items that he isn’t supposed to have… like your shoes.

Bandit requires a home with a well balanced, social dog who is his size or larger and one who is young enough to match his energetic needs, and a dog he can lean on when feeling insecure. A home with a family who is home more often than not is also a must for Bandit.

No toddlers or cats please.